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Facts About HPV Infection.

The HPV or human papilloma virus is a viral disease that can be infectious when symptoms are not displayed clearly, and the person affected is not aware of it. Genital HPV infection likewise is a sexually transmitted disease that is usually caused by HPV. HPV is a group of more than 100 related human pappiloma virus and types. Typically, people affected with this virus will not see any clear symptoms.

HPV infection is becoming a common disease, and there are roughly 20 million people worldwide are infected with this virus. There is about 50% of men and women who are sexually active, produce genital infection. Every type of HPV has the possibility to cause an abnormal growth on a specific part of the body. The most common that develops are genital warts, and some wounds in the genitals and the anus.

Although the signs and symptoms of genital infection are not that visible, they usually appear on the type of the HPV transmission that a person may have. The following symptoms are:

  • Genital warts. Genital warts are not malignant and they usually appear as a plain lesion. The appearance would look like a small cauliflower. The most common HPV types that are incorporated with genital warts are type 6 and type 11; however, they are not associated with cancer.
  • Pre-malignant genital lesions. There are several HPV that can cause cellular changes that may result in precancerous wounds. These irregularities can be detected by a Smear test, which is a laboratory examination utilized to collect cells from the vagina.
  • Mouth and upper respiratory lesions. Some warts may develop in the mouth, tongue, tonsils, palate, larynx and in the nose.
  • Common warts that appear in the hands, fingers and fingernails. These warts usually appear as unsmooth bumps.
  • Plantar warts are nonmalignant hard growths that usually grow in the heel of the feet. This may be uncomfortable because of the pain it brings.

HPV infection is not a curable disease just like other viral diseases. The warts can be removed and cured with the use of some methods. The most effective method to treat HPV disease is by boosting the immune system. The treatment may last for about 2 to 3 years. Prevention is simply the best treatment for this infection. Living a healthy lifestyle is the secret to HPV infection free life.



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