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What to Do in Case of a Heart Attack?

What to Do in Case of a Heart Attack

Cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent health disorder and the most frequent cause of death. Many elderly people suffer from ischemic heart...

Clinical Death and First Aid in Case of It

Clinical Death and First Aid in Case of It

Sudden death is a cessation of an organism’s life-support functions (breathing, circulation and consciousness), which is also called clinical...

First Aid

First Aid

In this short review we would like to run through some most common life-threatening conditions and provide you with some tips about the first...

Renal Calculi – Lithotripsy

Renal Calculi – Lithotripsy

About every tenth person has kidney stones. Though, one learns about the calculi unexpectedly when he/she has the paroxysm – nausea, fever,...

Women and Heart Attack Risk

Women and Heart Attack Risk

A recent study has shown that many Australian women die from heart attack, much more than men. Alarmingly, most women are unaware of this risk...

Natural Skin Care at Home

Natural Skin

Our skin is the most exposed part of the body that has to inevitably endure the test of nature and time. The weather along with additional...

Common Eye Problems

Common Eye Problems

From time to time, we experience temporary problems with our eyes. Eye problem may include blurring of vision, pain, itchiness, redness or...

High Blood Pressure, What is it And What Are The Risk Factors

High Blood Pressure

By conventional medical definition, blood pressure is defined as the force of blood against the arteries when the heart beats, as well as when...

Facts About Prostatitis

Facts About Prostatitis
  1. Prostatitis may have different causes and not just only one cause.
  2. Diagnostics includes detecting the form and stage of the...

Prostatitis Symptoms

Prostatitis Symptoms

Prostatitis develops suddenly as an acute inflammatory disease. Prostatitis symptoms:

  • fever
  • body temperature 38-39°С...

What is a Midlife Crisis?

What is a Midlife Crisis?

The term "midlife crisis" has become somewhat of a cliché in our society, but a midlife crisis is a very real phenomenon that often requires...

Study Finds HPV Vaccine also Works for Boys

Vaccine for human papillomavirus

The vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) can prevent 90 percent...

Feel a Breast Mass

Feel a Breast Mass

Detecting a breast mass, breast pain and nipple discharge, are the most frequent reasons women seek out the care of a doctor.  Thankfully, most...

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

There are several signs of alcohol abuse, but in this day and age where drinking has become the norm it can be difficult to know whether someone...

Types of Lung Cancer

Types of Lung Cancer.

Lung cancer is a cancer starts in the lungs. Lung cancer is a disease which consists of uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. This...

Syphilis Symptoms

Syphilis Symptoms.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The infectious agent responsible is Treponema pallidum, a type of bacterium. Anyone who comes...

Syphilis Symptoms in Women

Syphilis in Women.

Syphilis symptoms in women can be a time of anxiety, but there's no need to panic if treated in time. However, as one may not be aware of it's...

Syphilis Symptoms in Men

Syphilis Man Hands

Syphilis symptoms in men develop with a gradual pace as the condition makes its progress through four stages. Know about the symptoms of each of...

Alcohol - A Cause Or Cure For Acne?

Clean Acne with Alcohol.

Alcohol is one thing that has been constantly linked with acne. While some say that alcohol can cause acne, others believe that it can be useful...

Acne & Smoking

Acne & Smoking.

When functioning normally, the sebaceous glands in the skin produce just enough oil to keep the skin soft and moisturized. But when the glands...

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