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New Drug May Help Patients with Lung Disease

Lung Cancer Disease and Drugs

A drug called pirfenidone might be an appropriate treatment option for slowing progression of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring or thickening of the lungs of unknown cause, suggests new findings reported today in The Lancet. Whether the evidence is strong enough to convince the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the drug for treating this condition remains to be seen.

Single Drug Could Have Multiple Targets in Future

Single Drug

Hope for the development of a potential drug with multiple targets has been provided by a new discovery by researchers from the University of California San Diego and the City University of New York (CUNY).

They have identified the potential molecular targets of the anti-HIV drug nelfinavir, which may explain why the drug is also effective as a cancer therapy.

Detecting Tuberculosis: No Microscopes, Just Rats

Tuberculosis and Rats

This is the cheapest way for detecting tuberculosis and may become the first line of test provided it is accepted by the medical community.

Long conversations on mobile phones can increase risk of cancer

mobile and cancer

Prolonged use of mobile phones over many years could increase the risk of cancer, scientists have found. However, a landmark study by the World Health Organisation into the safety of mobiles is expected to stop short of concluding that they definitely cause cancer - because the evidence is not conclusive enough.

Alcoholism Can Affect Both Timing And Overall Survival Of Marriage

Alcoholism Can Affect Both Timing And Overall Survival Of Marriage

There has been an abundance of research on the associations between drinking behavior and marital status, but many questions remain regarding the timing of when an individual gets married and divorced and if there is any relation to alcohol use. A new study released in the April 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, which is currently available at Early View, explores that subject in detail and found that alcohol dependence was a strong predictor of both delays in marriage and early separation.

Fruit Fly Nervous System Can Pave Way for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless network

A recent study conducted in fruit flies revealed that the fruit flies nervous system could be used to effectively deploy wireless sensor networks and other distributed computing applications.

Ziv Bar-Joseph at Carnegie Mellon University found that the cells in the fly's developing nervous system manage to organize themselves so that a small number of cells serve as leaders that provide direct connections with every other nerve cell.

Cancer Treatment Costs Set to Jump 27 Percent (in US by 2020)

Cancer Treatment Costs Set to Jump 27 Percent.

A US study published Wednesday predicts a 27 percent leap in the cost of treating cancer in the United States over the next 10 years, partly due to the growing population of elderly Americans.

The changes are anticipated even though cancer incidence has been on the decline because of earlier diagnoses and improved survival rates among cancer patients, said the study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Cancer strategy could save 5000 lives a year

Cancer strategy could save 5000 lives.

Detailed plans to transform cancer care in England and save thousands of extra lives each year were announced today by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

Overall these plans will drive up England’s cancer survival rates so that by 2014/15 an extra 5,000 lives will be saved every year. Improving Outcomes – A Strategy for Cancer, sets out how the Government, NHS and public can prevent cancer, improve the quality and efficiency of cancer services and move towards achieving outcomes which rival the best in Europe.

McDonald’s Hepatitis Scare: Infected Employee Exposed Thousands


Authorities in northwestern Illinois are trying to figure out why a case of hepatitis A in a McDonald’s food handler went unreported for more than three weeks. An estimated 10,000 people who ate at a McDonald’s in Milan are being urged to get preventive treatment for the virus, which can cause fever and abdominal pain.

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